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Marie K.

Can you remember a word, phrase, or question from your childhood that has been with you unconsciously throughout your life and has repeatedly appeared as a kind of confirmation of your failures? If so, then I’m relieved that I’m not alone. I had a happy childhood. Thanks to my parents, I was able to discover the world so early and discover its diversity. I was open-minded, happy, goal-oriented even at an early age and I thought the world would stay like this forever, because I am right, I can tell about my experiences, I can be proud of it, I am good as I am and I am I’m not showing off. I never dreamed that a single question would change my perfect fourth-grade world and that question would drop me to the ground. I can still hear this question from my former primary school teacher: „Marie, did you think about what your world would look like when you were in high school and you would fail because of math?“ This question took everything away from me: my self-esteem, my trust, my joy in math teaching. What returned this question to me was the constant fear, the fear of math, the fear of failing, the fear of disappointing my parents. I felt so empty and at the same time so lost and I wanted to do everything on my own to prove that I am good, that the word „failure“ has no place in my life and yet I couldn’t make it. My mom got in touch with Maren and although I was skeptical and admittedly a little bit scared at the beginning, after the preliminary talk with Maren, I asked my mom when the meeting would take place. Before the zoom session, I was very excited because I didn’t know if scenes, as Maren explained lovingly and in detail, would occur, if I could relax. Maren has led me so beautifully and with ease into the subconscious. She helped me to find out through her precise and caring way to understand what was causing my fear to fail. After the session, Maren made a recording for me that I had to listen to for 21 days. I still hear the recording, because it works so good for me and so appeals to me. The recording is about exactly what I was missing: courage, belief in myself, my inner abilities that I have hidden over the years and come to light through the recording. I love Maren’s encouraging words. Miracles happen and I’m serious. I got better at math and was even praised by my math teacher. And my friends think I act more confidently and appear much more confident. My parents said that too, but you know, when friends say something, it matters more than when parents say it. My friends like that I laugh more often and I am no longer reserved and serious. The fears, the insecurity, the sadness that have accompanied me since I was in elementary school disappeared after a session with Maren. I believe in myself and somehow feel different, but different in a positive sense. And the recording that I hear every evening helps me to stay on the ball and make my dreams come true. I cannot thank Maren enough for showing me the way and for helping me to find out that there is always a solution, that you should never give up and that you can and should believe in yourself.