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and regain your joy & strength Fast, goal-oriented & transformational Create better ones with Rapid Transformational Therapy™ You create your life with every single thought! What would you like to change? I help you with... How would you love to feel? Hypnosis What's happening to me?

Which changes do you want?

Do you feel that you are unworthy? Are you constantly asking yourself if and what you always do wrong? Do you feel overwhelmed, drained, powerless, sad, desperate? Do you have no real joy in life anymore? Do you feel alone or misunderstood? Are you afraid to show yourself and just be who you truly are? Do not you feel well in your body? Do you always compare yourself with others and constantly criticize yourself? Do you have fear of failure and the urge to always control everything? Is it hard for you to trust yourself and others?

If any of these questions triggers you, you’re at the perfect place.

The creative power of our thoughts

It is hard to believe how much we bombard ourselves with negative thoughts every day and then wonder why we are not feeling well. No one has ever told you that every thought is a template for your mind to create your life accordingly. So you attract that into your life, which you focus on mentally. We have so much power with our thoughts, but none of us has ever learned to use them for ourselves and not against us. However, luckily it is not that difficult at all. And by the power of hypnosis, which is a completely natural state of relaxation, detached from everything, change can occur very quickly in some cases.

The basis for our thoughts are all the beliefs that we have acquired over the course of our lives. Most of these are assessments of ourselves. Therefore I invite you today to take a close look at your beliefs with me and optimize them to your highest good. For this, I preferably use the Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT) by Marisa Peer, as it is perfect for this.

As soon as you begin to bring your subconscious mind into alignment with your present values, goals, and abilities, deep change processes take place in you. I am looking forward to accompanying you in this.

Give yourself the gift of a personal update

Most of our subconscious mind is living in the past. Above all, in terms of our self-esteem and self-confidence. However, these are so essential for our well-being, success and our zest for life. It is our own image of ourselves that we have created, that makes life so difficult for us – not life itself. Luckily, finding and eliminating its causes is not that difficult.

Through RTT™, you can achieve that. It re-aligns your subconscious mind by revealing harmful beliefs, removing them and replacing them with new, powerful ones.

In short, Rapid Transformational Therapy™ is about:

  • Looking at the causes!
  • Understanding the contexts!
  • Learning from it & letting go!
  • Moving forward in line with your personal goals!

It is your life! It is in your hand! And from my own experience, I know that you could not give yourself a greater gift than freeing yourself from all the conditioning that you have internalized over the course of your lifetime. It actually changes your life! You become free, you become self-aware of your strengths, abilities and the goals that are perfect for you.

Learn more about RTT™!

Selection of issues that I treat

Unbeatable Confidence without Self-Doubts

Do you want to feel absolutely comfortable in your own skin, free of self-doubts?

Let go of Anxiety & Self-Sabotage

Is there something that scares you or do you procrastinate again and again?

Restful Sleep for You

Do you long for a good night’s sleep? Would you like to feel fully energized the next morning?

Strengthen Relationships & Trust

to the partner, child, parents, friends, at work, at school, with money …

Shed Weight

Do you have problems with your weight? Your scale just doesn’t want to move down?

Stop Smoking without Side Effects

Do you want to stop smoking without side effects, i.e. without gaining weight, bad mood or something like that?

Ultimately, RTT is suitable for anything, because the programs in your subconscious always have a very large influence on your thinking and behavior. RTT is also perfect, for example, for improving, expanding, and refining your skills in a specific area. Would you like to become even better in your sport, hobby or in your job?

I’d love to tell you more! Arrange a free first conversation with me 🙂

The hummingbird & hypnosis

The process and goals of an RTT hypnosis session correspond fairly closely to the symbolic meaning of hummingbirds. That’s why I integrated the hummingbird into my logo.

The hummingbird is not only a symbol of love, joy and beauty. Through its ability to fly backwards, it wants to show us that we can look back on our past to learn – and that is exactly what we do in an RTT session. This sweet little bird wants to draw our attention to beliefs from previous experiences that no longer serve us. He teaches us that we do not have to remain trapped in our past, but instead can and should re-evaluate the meaning and importance of past events for our lives today. This review and re-interpretation of events makes it easy for us to let go of old hurt and traumas and finally get where we really want to go. And exactly this process takes place in an RTT session.

Besides, by flying from flower to flower and drinking nectar, the hummingbird shows us that the present moment and life are usually much more beautiful than we are able to perceive through the filter of our old experiences. The hummingbird calls upon us to relearn to appreciate ourselves, to recognize who we really are, how beautiful life is in truth. Once we have let go of the past, once we look at everything with new eyes, unclouded, we become aware of all the beauty, strengths and possibilities each of us actually has. And that, too, is the goal of all my treatments.

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