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I am very happy that I chose RTT with Maren. The RTT hypnosis session differs enormously from the conventional hypnosis sessions that I have known so far. Various therapy techniques are used here during hypnosis, which in combination with positive suggestions have a deeply positive effect on the subconscious mind. My business was standing in front of an insurmountable wall, I was desperate and demotivated. What has changed after the work with Maren? I am sensationally motivated, have found my way back to my joy, work concentrated on my goals and now recognize my bright future. In short: I’m in the flow! Thank you very much, dear Maren, for your invaluable work and also for your loving, careful and appreciative support after the session. I am very happy to recommend you! Yours Dagmar

Dagmar H.

Dear Maren, thank you for your empathic and well-directed RTT session. I felt safe and well looked after, so that we were able to look effortlessly and deeply into my subconscious mind with the aim to strengthen my ailing self-confidence. Already at the end of the session I felt strengthened and somehow whole and complete again, so powerful from the inside. I was able to maintain this feeling very well in the following weeks, and the wonderful recording that I really enjoyed listening to every day helped me a lot. It kind of really inspired me. When my husband said to me that I was somehow different, it was a nice compliment to me and proof that my strengthened self-confidence is also visible from the outside. Thank you very much and I will be happy to recommend you!

Christa S.

The hypnosis session with Maren was just wonderful. With her warm-heartedness, openness and care, Maren managed to make me feel very comfortable and in good hands both before the session during our first call, during the session, with the audio recording, and in the phone calls after the session. She took a lot of time to answer all my questions and prepared very well for the session with me. The session allowed me to let go of many things and I can now look to the future with strength, confidence and curiosity! I can only recommend a session with Maren for everyone who wants a real change.

Martina F.

It was my first time dealing with hypnosis. We analyzed the reason for my “problem”. It was very professional. The subsequent measures (audio recording) helped a lot in achieving my goal. So thumbs up for your service, dear Maren.

Karl K.

Nothing better could have happened to me than the fact that you came into my life. You gave me so many important building blocks for my life and I believe that nobody could have done it better than you. You are an excellent companion in RTT. I thank you from my heart, dear Maren. I wish that many more people find their way to you 🙂 🙂 There are, I believe, few people who have such a wonderful, big heart like you ….. Thank you so much!

Mandy F.

Everyone should make use of this.

Ramón W.

I asked Maren for a session because I had that eerie sense of loneliness in me for a very long time and I finally did not want to feel lonely and alone any more. Maren led me with striking empathy to 3 experiences in my childhood, which showed exactly why I had this loneliness in my life. Maren then led me through the dissolution of this loneliness. Since that session I have never felt this loneliness again and my life has changed a lot. Today I have a lot of nice people around me and I enjoy it. I am very grateful to Maren for this wonderful change in my life.

Inge S.

I came to Maren to finally stop smoking forever and it worked. The meeting with Maren was very pleasant. She led me easily into the relaxation. Her voice is very beautiful and the recording she gave me allowed me to believe that cigarettes will not give me anything anymore. I held my weight and I did not develop any other substitute actions. On the contrary, I am now aware of how wonderful it is to be able to breathe freely at any time without smoke and that I do not need any cigarettes. I recommend Maren to anyone who wants to take of himself.

Joachim V.

The hypnosis session with Maren was great! It gave me a lot of clarity about where my fear came from and why I had locked up. Besides, she brought to light something very beautiful and heart-warming for me, which I see as very valuable and enriching for my future life. After the session, I was inspired and felt infinite strength in me. Now, weeks later, I realize that a lot has changed for me. I feel freer and more open and I am very much looking forward to the future 🙂 So I recommend working with Maren to everyone!

Viktoria P.

Maren delivered a beautiful session, I felt so comfortable and safe with her. She was very attentive and helped me understand how my old beliefs were affecting my current situation living with money blocks. This understanding has been helping me feel more confident towards money today. Thank you Maren


Maren has a very pleasant nature and is very positive. She found out very quickly why I can not progress in my career. After the session I felt very well and free. Since the session, the process of inner change is in full swing. Thank you Maren!

Esther S.

Maren’s work brought the healing on a deep level of my being. I am happy that I had the chance to be Maren’s client, since it helped me to become stronger and happier, using my potentials in full, in my professional and personal life.


The meeting with Maren was liberating and profound. She guided me sensitively and attentively to my core issue. Her clever questions and skilful hypnotic leadership gave me so much confidence and trust that it was easy for me to open up and look deeply inside. In less than two hours, we really got to the root, to the underlying experiences that have shaped, limited and influenced me for so long. And I could let them all go with ease. I’m now free of the old patterns. I notice the changes day by day and the people in my environment, too.

Veronika K.

Maren prepared the session very well (questionnaire, phone call). So on the day of the session, I came to her very relaxed and open. During the RTT session, I felt very well. Looking back I am thrilled how directly and without further discussion Maren has led me to my topics and their change. I would say that my childhood experiences were even much harder than I had allowed myself to feel, but feel much easier now after the session. Wow! Thanks Maren!

Karola W.

I am very excited about Maren and RTT. I tried a lot, but could not dissolve old beliefs. Through Maren’s guidance, we have come to the root of the cause in no time. Through positive suggestions and the reprogramming of my subconscious mind, after only two months, I am pleased to discover that my old beliefs have dissolved. My misguided beliefs of that time feel strange now. A very remarkable development in such a short time. Thanks for that!

Tanja Z.

I had a session with Maren Abatielos to work on my mood changing problems before my periods. I was amazed at how quickly Maren was able to identify my issues and the results were immediate. I would recommend Maren to anyone.

Gabi D.

Maren Abatielos helped me with performance anxiety. She helped me to understand where the subconscious programming started when I was a small child and my voice cracked on stage. Now I feel ready and able to get back on stage whilst at the same time, feeling safe and secure. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an RTT Practitioner.

Sally G.

I have seen great progress in my personal growth through the meeting with Maren. I felt very well looked after and I would recommend RTT to anyone who wants to develop and free himself from various issues and emotions. Thank you dear Maren!


Before the session with Maren, I was pretty disoriented, with a heaviness and passivity, and I did not know how to find out. Although I was a bit afraid of RTT, I was amazed at how easily and effortlessly I went through the steps with Maren’s help. I will always remember her kindness and good heart and that answers came easily to me without me feeling embarrassed or pushed into a corner. After the session, I was deeply touched and had the feeling that the fog and heaviness had already left me. There, where all doors seemed to be closed, now new doors opened up. Very quickly, doing one step at a time, I returned to the activity in my life I had missed for very long. For example, I was invited to several job interviews, I cleared my apartment, I enrolled in a long-planned yoga teacher class. To sum up, I have since felt right back in the flow of life … Thank you, Maren! ❤️

Bernadette G.

I feel that Maren came in my life at the perfect timing. She has very good skills to look beyond the presented problem, to dig deeper and find the real cause of the problem. After two sessions I feel that my life has dramatically changed and have relationship with myself like never before, I could say that I have never felt so good in my life about myself. This is great accomplishment for me. Sessions were very powerful and the help and assistance after the sessions for me was crucial, with giving feedback, giving tools how to cope with the situation and encouraging and believing was amazing. I feel very lucky and blessed that I had chance to meet with Maren, she changed my life and I am very grateful for that.


I highly recommend Maren. Without knowing exactly what to expect in the meeting, Maren drew our conversation super well prepared, warm and in a nutshell. The session allowed me to think outside the box and made me stronger & happier. In addition, Maren also accompanied me in the time after the meeting and gave me an individually audio recording in the hand. Thanks Maren!

Eva I.

Maren was working on my confidence issues and I loved the way she was doing the session, she made me at ease quickly and I had already good trustful relationship with her. I liked the way she was leading me while I was in hypnosis and she did not finish when I just had a black scene when she regressed me. Instead she led me deeper into the feelings of the black. I experienced something higher than this reality, when I was in the form of God-like energy feeling absolute peace and freedom, feeling so big and powerful and next minute I had this insane experience of being sucked like into the vacuum cleaner and then born into a small body and small room in my mum’s hands. It was a great realisation for me that I was not prepared for this experience of being born and hence I felt I am “small” or “less”. We had a great indeed session with Maren, where she helped me to find my true powerful self. Thanks a lot to you, Maren, for your highly intuitive and professional lead, which was exactly to the point on when and how I lost my power. Now every time I doubt myself, I remind myself about this power and, although, I am a small girl, I am a big soul and mind and not my small body. With love xx

Marina D.

“Because of generalized anxiety disorders, I’ve been in behavioral therapy with a psychotherapist for a long time, where I learned a lot about the origins, learned to feel them (and not being attacked by attacks) and how to proactively prevent and minimize them. However, I did not get rid of them completely – one suspected traumatic experiences that are stored firmly in the subconscious, but with which one can not deal with with “mere conversations”.

Then I heard about Maren. I embarked on the adventure hypnosis and was intrigued. Despite many media reports, I was completely aware during hypnosis, no trace of wantlessness or feeling of being at her mercy. I learned why I acted the way I did and why I was the way I was. The subsequent dialogue with my subconscious ultimately set me free myself from all the fears that had controlled me and had cost me a lot of energy and strength. The level of quality of life I’ve experienced is priceless. That is why I would like to express here an unqualified recommendation for Maren. She has made my life so much more beautiful, easier and freer!”

Lena A.

I absolutely loved the Skype session I did with Maren.

With her gentle guidance she allowed me to come up with past issues that were stopping me from reaching my full potential. I love it that she was able to help me understand how they all tied together. I am still listening to my recording every night and enjoy drifting off to sleep with so much positivity seeping into my subconscious, I would definitely recommend anyone feeling stuck and frustrated with their life to get in touch with Maren and let her help you.


Can you remember a word, phrase, or question from your childhood that has been with you unconsciously throughout your life and has repeatedly appeared as a kind of confirmation of your failures? If so, then I’m relieved that I’m not alone. I had a happy childhood. Thanks to my parents, I was able to discover the world so early and discover its diversity. I was open-minded, happy, goal-oriented even at an early age and I thought the world would stay like this forever, because I am right, I can tell about my experiences, I can be proud of it, I am good as I am and I am I’m not showing off. I never dreamed that a single question would change my perfect fourth-grade world and that question would drop me to the ground. I can still hear this question from my former primary school teacher: “Marie, did you think about what your world would look like when you were in high school and you would fail because of math?” This question took everything away from me: my self-esteem, my trust, my joy in math teaching. What returned this question to me was the constant fear, the fear of math, the fear of failing, the fear of disappointing my parents. I felt so empty and at the same time so lost and I wanted to do everything on my own to prove that I am good, that the word “failure” has no place in my life and yet I couldn’t make it. My mom got in touch with Maren and although I was skeptical and admittedly a little bit scared at the beginning, after the preliminary talk with Maren, I asked my mom when the meeting would take place. Before the zoom session, I was very excited because I didn’t know if scenes, as Maren explained lovingly and in detail, would occur, if I could relax. Maren has led me so beautifully and with ease into the subconscious. She helped me to find out through her precise and caring way to understand what was causing my fear to fail. After the session, Maren made a recording for me that I had to listen to for 21 days. I still hear the recording, because it works so good for me and so appeals to me. The recording is about exactly what I was missing: courage, belief in myself, my inner abilities that I have hidden over the years and come to light through the recording. I love Maren’s encouraging words. Miracles happen and I’m serious. I got better at math and was even praised by my math teacher. And my friends think I act more confidently and appear much more confident. My parents said that too, but you know, when friends say something, it matters more than when parents say it. My friends like that I laugh more often and I am no longer reserved and serious. The fears, the insecurity, the sadness that have accompanied me since I was in elementary school disappeared after a session with Maren. I believe in myself and somehow feel different, but different in a positive sense. And the recording that I hear every evening helps me to stay on the ball and make my dreams come true. I cannot thank Maren enough for showing me the way and for helping me to find out that there is always a solution, that you should never give up and that you can and should believe in yourself.

Marie K.