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Maren Abatielos

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I love Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™) and it inspires me every day. Find out why I am so passionate about it. Let me tell you a little about myself and how I discovered RTT.

My joys and dreams as a child

I have always been full of curiosity and I loved to constantly learn and try something new. As a child, this was mainly related to sports. For example, I learned to ice skate at the age of two. Hard to believe. I just enjoyed moving my body. I wanted to learn everything and do everything.

I did gymnastics, swimming, dancing, playing volleyball and handball, doing various martial arts. Yes, even in gliding I did a course. I also dreamed of foreign countries and wanted to travel a lot and get to know everything. I love the incredible beauty and diversity of our planet. Besides, I’m a language fanatic and adventurous.

So I always wanted to have an exciting life and connect all interests somehow.

My jobs and interests as an adult

However, after school, I was not that enthusiastic anymore and definitely unsure what to do in my life. Although I still had all those dreams deep inside me, my mind was meanwhile reprogrammed to “realistic”. Too many reasons and self-doubt that argued against all that I wanted to do. For example, go abroad, just start traveling, take a creative career, etc. After a an educational training and business studies, I have finally exercised many different professions – among others as a tour guide and German as a foreign language teacher. Again and again, I felt the urge for a new challenge and swapped jobs about every two years. Secretly, I searched for my true vocation, even though it was not clear to me then. I unconsciously sought an activity that excites me and that means more to me than a job.

My life has been given a new direction with the birth of my children. Already in pregnancy, the “alternative practitioner daughter” came up in me. My father is a homeopath. In my private life, I began to study only specialist literature because I just loved it. I was looking for the best natural methods to keep my family healthy and happy. At first I was mainly interested in homeopathy, Schüssler salts, etc., because I already knew that as a child.

From the age of 40 upwards, I became more and more interested in everything related to the connection between body and mind. I looked for methods that work very profoundly even without medicine. As a child I have always been convinced that my body can heal myself best. I think we humans are absolutely fascinating beings. Our body is so ingeniously created – perfect in its interaction with mind and soul. And the more I learn about it, the more humility and gratitude grows in me for that indescribable intelligence and kindness that is in us. It is this irrepressible life force in us that always wants the best for us, even if we can not always recognize it.

My encounter with RTT

However, it would take a few more years before I came across Marisa Peer in form of a “divine coincidence”. I consciously say “divine coincidence”, because I am convinced that my heart has led me to it.

The years before I felt more and more a kind of emptiness in me. A sadness that came from nowhere. I could not explain it properly. I often had to cry out of nothing, not just on sad occasions. Actually, I had everything in my life that everyone desires officially: house, family, job, friends … But something very essential was missing. An activity that fulfilled me from the inside out. A profession that I love. Which gives my life a special meaning.

And one day when Marisa literally appeared out of nowhere, I immediately knew: “I need to learn that.” Since then a lot has changed in me and my life. I have been able to work a lot on myself and will never stop doing it. It’s just good. We are there to keep evolving. On top of all that, I got to know great new people and colleagues all over the world. And through this new vocation, I can now even unite everything that I used to dream of as a child. A job that I love. It gives me the desired independence, because I can work on- and offline, no matter where. And I make money by helping others. Could this get any better?

So, never give up your childhood dreams. They are the key to your happiness!

What fascinates me about RTT

What intrigued me about Marisa Peer in the first place was her unconventionality, her incredible knowledge of the subconscious mind, her enormous accuracy and intuition in identifying the true causes, and her pragmatic approach to solving the seemingly most complicated cases.

Marisa’s claim to help people as quickly as possible, I liked right away. She always wanted to show people their strength, joie de vivre and freedom in the shortest possible way. I wanted that, too. Her method delivers fast results in a gentle way. It works purposefully and effectively only with the subconscious and the intelligence in us. Marisa has proven for more than 30 years that transformation can succeed quickly. Although it is often still believed that our consciousness is very complicated. For example, when she was studying, she was told, “It takes one life to understand one’s mind and another to master it.” So her motivation to find a better method was always the question: “Who’s got a life time to fix a problem? Nobody, people want fast results.”

RTT is so effective, because it always detects the individual root cause, i.e. the deep-seated beliefs. This is the basic prerequisite for starting permanent change processes. You can only change something for good when you its cause.

Certified in Rapid Transformatlional Therapy

My qualification

In June 2017, I successfully completed my training as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, complementing it in September 2017 by becoming an Advanced RTT Practitioner and in summer of 2018, I also became a Certified Hypnotherapist and a member of the International Council of Psychotherapists. Since 2019 I work exclusively in my own practice. I love my independent life with which I am allowed to do so much good. Every day I am so happy to help people and accompany them in leading a happy and fulfilling life.

To know what kind of ingenious changes RTT has brought to my clients, go to testimonials.

My experiences with RTT

Of course, I have also personally gained a lot by working with RTT. One of my greatest achievements was thyroid harmonization and weight loss. Amazingly, the subject of the session had been a different one. It was about my former fear of speaking freely and the flushing I suffered from. Through these great changes, I became very aware of the relationship between our belief patterns, emotions, and the body. I am very grateful for this experience. Other beautiful successes that I enjoy since then, are a fundamental increase in my self-esteem and joy of life.

RTT has definitely enriched my life. I am happy and design my life the way I like it best. I would love to make this possible for you, too!

If you want to know more, let us talk. Call me or send a message for a free call!

I am deeply convinced that you can not change anything which cause you do not understand.