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About me

Maren Abatielos

I love Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™) and it inspires me every day. Find out why I am so passionate about it.

Through my children, I got a lot of fun in learning how to get well naturally. I read a lot about homeopathy, Schüssler salts, etc. Over the years I became more and more interested in the connection between body and mind – in terms of health as well as for personal development and happiness.

I studied the latest scientific findings in brain and consciousness research as well as various spiritual teachers. By “divine coincidence”, I came across the internationally successful therapist Marisa Peer in 2016 who is revolutionizing the world of therapy with her methodology Rapid Transformational Therapy™. Marisa’s mission is to help people as quickly as possible, give them back their strength, joie de vivre and freedom. I wanted that, too. With RTT™ it was so to speak “love and fascination at first sight”, because it delivers fast results without harmful side effects. It exclusively uses our body intelligence in a very specific and effective way. We all have this intelligence in us by nature.

It is generally assumed that our consciousness is very complicated. It would take one life to understand it, and another to master it. Marisa has been proving for 30 years that transformation can succeed quickly. Her motivation was always the question: “Who’s got a life time to fix a problem? Nobody, people want fast results.” RTT™ is so effective that we always find the individual root cause in the first session. This is the basic requirement for starting change processes.

Certified in Rapid Transformatlional Therapy

My qualification

In June 2017, I successfully completed my training as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, complementing it in September 2017 by becoming an Advanced RTT Practitioner and in summer of 2018, I also became a Certified Hypnotherapist and a member of the International Council of Psychotherapists.

Every day I am so happy to help people lead a joyful, loving, abundant and peaceful life. To know what kind of ingenious effects it has on my clients, go to testimonials.

My experiences with RTT™

Personally, I have achieved really great success with RTT: I have lost weight and, surprisingly, even not by intention. In that session we focused on self-confidence and solving this, some of my weight dropped on its own to my surprise :). In addition, I now enjoy to speak freely in public without fear and blushing. On top, I improved my sleep. Overall, I finally have the self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love that are so important to make me feel comfortable in my own skin. My life has changed a lot since then. I am very happy and motivated to create my life the way I want it to. So, try it yourself, the method is fantastic!

If you want to know more, let us talk. Call me or send a message for a free call!

I am deeply convinced that you can not change anything which cause you do not understand.

With Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT) by Marisa Peer you regain your power and unbeatable self-confidence. Fast, transforming and purposeful, you will detach yourself from old patterns and repetitive thoughts and regain joie de vivre as well as the feeling: "I am perfect the way I am!"

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