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Rapid Transformational Therapy™ by Marisa Peer

RTT™ includes many effective techniques of hypnotherapy that are known to have a transformative effect: the use of trance, regression, and hypnotic conditioning through suggestion.

However, RTT goes beyond that. Marisa Peer always closely monitored what was really helping her clients. She refined the existing methods and developed some new ones. In the course of her experience, she found that clients, regardless of their problems, were always able to benefit from a specific combination of techniques from different therapy methodologies. These findings eventually formed the basis for her Rapid Transformational Therapy, which turned out to be a unique approach. With RTT, Marisa Peer has been so successful for many years that her clients include many celebrities from the music, film and sports world as well as from the British royal family. Since 2015, Marisa trains others in her method. These include many doctors and physicians who have recognized the potential of hypnosis and are successfully applying it to their patients.

RTT’s approach & What is special about it?

The people of today are plagued by the feeling that they have too little time. So they want to eliminate their problems as soon as possible. It’s probably the same with you. I am sure, you also prefer to achieve quick results and, preferably, by using your own power to turn things around? I am completely on your side.

Through smart questions we always detect at least 3 previous events in the beginning of a session. Only by recognizing a pattern based on at least 3 experiences from your life, we are able to identify your negative beliefs. Often, we also reveal the role, function and purpose of your issue. This will give you a very clear picture of the true causes: “Why things are exactly the way they are?”

By learning how you felt in certain situations and which conclusions you have come up with for yourself, you realize very quickly that the image of you, which your subconscious mind still holds to be true, is completely outdated. And that’s why it is time to make this discrepancy known to your subconscious mind. For this I use powerful techniques that help you to process and let go of the topic. Using hypnosis, this process is so effective as your critical mind is turned off. Through direct access to your subconscious mind, we turn off old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you. The subconscious controls all processes in your body so that lasting, positive changes are only possible when negative habits and beliefs are understood, released, and replaced by new, powerful ones.

At the end of each session, since the brain only learns through repetition, I will give you a tailor-made recording. You will listen to it for the next 21 days. In doing so, you ensure that the old beliefs will be removed and replaced by new, positive ones. Remember: We also did not learn to walk within a day. The brain needs repetitions.

The special thing about RTT and my ultimate goal is always to achieve lasting changes within and for you as quickly as possible. These are usually available in one to three 90-120 minutes sessions.

In addition, RTT stands out, because we discover and change the meaning and interpretation of events in your life. For as soon as you understand what your problem is actually about, the change in you and the detachment from the cause already begins.

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If you would like more information on RTT and Marisa Peer, I recommend Marisa’s website or her YouTube videos. There is a large variety of exciting interviews, lectures and explanations by Marisa Peer. I recommend, for example, the following two videos. You are welcome to also contact me personally on this:

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RTT™: Awarded several Stevie® Awards

In 2018 Marisa Peer collected several awards from the annual Stevie® Award for successful and popular companies. With her company “I Am Enough, LLC – Rapid Transformational Therapy Methodology”, also responsible for training all RTT therapists, she won no fewer than 5 American Business Awards and 3 other International Business Awards. These are, among others, the American People’s Choice Stevie® Awards for Favorite New Products in Healthcare / Pharmaceutical Products, the International Stevie® Business Award “Woman of the Year”, and the International Stevie® Business Award “Entrepreneur of the Year – Health Products & Services”. I am very positive that these awards help to grow the public awareness of RTT considerably, so that even more people will get to know it.