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Let go of Anxiety & Self-Sabotage

Is there something that scares you or do you procrastinate again and again?Photo of a scared woman To be afraid is completely human. A healthy dose of anxiety can be helpful. It can give us information when we ask what the fear really wants to tell us. It urges us to be careful or do a necessary step. Only when fear paralyzes you and robs your joy of life and energy, it becomes a problem to you.

Anxiety, fear and also self-sabotage can appear everywhere. For example, at work, at school, in relationships, with animals, when driving, flying, when being alone, during exams, when speaking in public …

It is thus very important to find out the emotional cause of the issue. Usually, this relates to very important experiences from your childhood, which we are going to discover together. Then we find out why these experiences have led to your today’s problem. Once you understand the context, you will learn to reevaluate the incidents for you, i.e. in terms of their relevance to your life today. This allows you to detach from it. At the end of a session, I give your subconscious mind powerful, clear instructions and images that will liberate you from the old belief patterns and feelings in the long term. They instruct your subconscious mind to think, feel and act the way you desire and deserve it. And soon you will notice how differently you will behave. How you start to look at things differently and how clarity and motivation returns to you for good.

By the way, when anxiety and fears fall, there are often wonderful side effects, such as weight loss.

Trust, let go of the old – you’re worth it!