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Will I sleep?

No, you have eyes closed and you are in a very relaxed state, but otherwise you are alert and know everything that happens during the session. And that’s the way it should be. It is your transformational process of discovering causes and detaching yourself from them. So you are deeply relaxed in order to focus on nothing else but at the same time conscious and awake to be able to follow my guidance.

Am I losing my will during hypnosis?

Never. You are in charge. I can not hypnotize you against your will, so I can not force you to do anything. It’s your own transformational process, I’m just guiding you. Any hypnosis is basically a self-hypnosis, because in the sessions, you personally take control of the trance you slide into. You go deliberately and with intention into relaxation. This is quite in contrast to, for example, watching an exciting movie on TV. Here, by becoming so absorbed by a movie that you are not any more aware of your surrounding, you might fall unintentionally into a state of hypnosis.

Do I have to make an appointment for a session?

Yes, because I take a lot of time for each individual. A session lasts between 2 – 4 hours. Only by making an appointment, I can ensure we have plenty of time and, I am prepared for our session. You can ask all your questions beforehand during the free call I would do with you beforehand.

How will I feel during and after the session?

During the session I make sure that you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Hypnosis is a natural state that you experience severall times a day. For example, when daydreaming or as mentioned above, while watching television. There, you automatically get into hypnotic states without being aware of it. Hypnosis means that you are completely focused on one thing and forget everything around you.

Each person is different. You might feel a big relief, a little shift or you might feel just tired. You might also feel a sense of reflection or wondering. Even days and weeks after the session, you probably experience more and more about yourself. A better perception of your feelings and your intuition will be sharpened. Whether you are excited or thoughtful, you will always leave the session with a sense of greater understanding of you, more compassion for yourself, your path and the knowledge about the power you’ve got to shift things around for good.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes – anyone can do that. As long as you have the intention to change things and as long as you are willing to relax and listen to my voice, everything will work out. Just following my voice is already hypnosis. It’s a simple, enjoyable and profound relaxation process. We’re in a kind of hypnosis several times a day anyway, because hypnosis means nothing more than being absolutely focused on something as already mentioned above. If you, for example, watch TV and completely forget everything else around you or if you daydream, you are also in a hypnotic state. It’s about switching off your conscious mind. And everyone has the power to do so. It’s only you who can decide whether you want to switch it off or not.

Am I assured of confidentiality?

Yes, of course. I treat all information about you absolutely confidentially.

Are you offering online sessions?

Yes, it is very easy to work online. We can arrange a session via Skype or Zoom. Both software tools are easy and free to use. Prerequisite here is only a completely secure Internet connection. Online sessions are as effective as face to face.

How can it work in such a short time (1 – 3 sessions)?

Hypnosis gives you direct access to the “root causes” why we do what we do and why we behave or react in a certain way. By focusing on finding and clearing the cause during hypnosis, there is automatically a transformation process in you that is usually so clear that it does not make sense to your subconscious to continue with the old “habit”, the old “issue”. Through this process a solution of the topic is brought about as fast as possible. The causes of our problems are usually based on instructions that we have given to our subconscious at some point in time, but we were unaware of their effects. When you get the unique opportunity to look deep into yourself and at the cause of the issue from a non-judgmental perspective, being in a state of deep relaxation, it is easy for you to let go of those old experiences and the feelings and beliefs associated with them. Once this is done, your consciousness will joyfully accept new, powerful, transforming beliefs and goals. Through listening for at least 21 days to the recording I give to you at the end of a session, your mind will internalize the new ways of thinking.

What if I discover an experience that I do not want to share?

You have full control during hypnosis, and if you do not want to share details about a scene or a situtation with me, that’s fine. The only thing I need to know is what you feel when reviewing something. In every scene you remember, it’s always about the feeling that comes with it. The feelings are linked to that memory and we want to understand and clear them. It’s not about the situation itself. The situation is past, but the feelings attached to the memory are still active. So it’s all about the underlying, associated emotions.

At what age do I offer hypnosis?

Generally speaking from 4 to infinity. Children respond to hypnosis in a natural way. So most of the time, their mind only needs new, clear suggestions. Consequently, sessions with children are usually much shorter (up to 1 hour).

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