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Shed Weight

Do you have problems with your weight? Your scale just doesn’t want to move down?If you’ve tried a lot already but your weight ultimately stays where it is, there’s always an intent of your subconscious mind behind it.

Photo of Butterfly When your weight is not dropping, even with the best will and diet / nutrition, your weight has a very special role and function. It is thus very important to find out the emotional cause of the issue.

Usually, this relates to very important experiences from your childhood, which we are going to discover together. Then we find out why these experiences have led to your today’s weight issue. Once you understand the context, you will learn to reevaluate the incidents for you, i.e. in terms of their relevance to your life today. This allows you to detach from it. You will feel how a great burden is taken off you. This will also physically pave the way for you to let go of the „ballast“. The weight has finally lost its role and function and the way is free to let go of it. The weight will have no more meaning for your subconscious mind. That’s the key. I also did the experience personally.

After this very important process of understanding and detachment, I give clear, powerful instructions and pictures to your subconscious mind so that your body becomes as slim as you wish it to be. By focusing and aligning your subconscious, you begin a great process of transformation. Just try it! There is no better diet! And that without a yo-yo effect! You will be astonished how much easier weight loss can be – and above all, forever.

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