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Lena A.

„Because of generalized anxiety disorders, I’ve been in behavioral therapy with a psychotherapist for a long time, where I learned a lot about the origins, learned to feel them (and not being attacked by attacks) and how to proactively prevent and minimize them. However, I did not get rid of them completely – one suspected traumatic experiences that are stored firmly in the subconscious, but with which one can not deal with with „mere conversations“.

Then I heard about Maren. I embarked on the adventure hypnosis and was intrigued. Despite many media reports, I was completely aware during hypnosis, no trace of wantlessness or feeling of being at her mercy. I learned why I acted the way I did and why I was the way I was. The subsequent dialogue with my subconscious ultimately set me free myself from all the fears that had controlled me and had cost me a lot of energy and strength. The level of quality of life I’ve experienced is priceless. That is why I would like to express here an unqualified recommendation for Maren. She has made my life so much more beautiful, easier and freer!“