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Bernadette G.

Before the session with Maren, I was pretty disoriented, with a heaviness and passivity, and I did not know how to find out. Although I was a bit afraid of RTT, I was amazed at how easily and effortlessly I went through the steps with Maren’s help. I will always remember her kindness and good heart and that answers came easily to me without me feeling embarrassed or pushed into a corner. After the session, I was deeply touched and had the feeling that the fog and heaviness had already left me. There, where all doors seemed to be closed, now new doors opened up. Very quickly, doing one step at a time, I returned to the activity in my life I had missed for very long. For example, I was invited to several job interviews, I cleared my apartment, I enrolled in a long-planned yoga teacher class. To sum up, I have since felt right back in the flow of life … Thank you, Maren! ❤️